Menier Gallery, London

November 2018

‘Disappear here’ is not about the here or the now, it’s about the void and the endless possibilities. When all appears absent, all can be found.

What's in focus – not a lot, but it's this accidental nihilism, a place seemingly stripped of possibilities, which ironically is the place where almost anything could happen.

A pause, a gap, a space – that inbetween time where you allow yourself to be lost and open to the unexpected. That fleeting moment of neutrality that predicates a happening or a step towards who you are.

Disappear here’ is about the fogginess of the mind – to look and look again. Where there’s nothing, there’s everything.




Menier Gallery, London

April 2018


‘Perspective on the Human Condition’ explores the inter-relationship of environment, state of mind and the spectrum of emotional responses.

The inspiration for the exhibition draws on my formative years growing up in Latvia where fleeting moments of extravagance and opulence were rapildly replaced with feelings of loss and betrayal. Consequently, my art reflects my own inner conflict; whilst I have an appreciation of beauty and perfection, my work is often tainted with cynicism and darkness.

I have a fascination with exploring the temporal and believe that all materials have an uncontrollable cycle from creation, growth and maturity through to decay, decline and mortality. At every stage, there is beauty. It just has to be seen